welcome to ruby slipper consultants

We are professional copywriters and marketing strategists who create fresh engaging content for your business. We make social media magic for your brand, leaving you to do what you do best - run your own business successfully. Ruby Slipper work Australia-wide and represent clients and franchises in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand.


what magic do we work?

  • We create, manage and update a customized Social Media Suite for your business, removing all worry from you and your staff. No more thinking of 'what to write?' or 'is this appropriate?'.
  • We research and provide quality information for your Social Media Suite, full of interesting and useful content to engage and reiterate your brand relevance to clients. We do this several times a week, ensuring your content is fresh, of value, and always in your clients' minds.
  • We provide exciting copywriting services for businesses including real estate agents, fashion designers and stylists, galleries, media organisations and the hospitality industry.
  • We come on site and provide training for your staff to optimize their prospecting sessions for your business, incorporating the enticement of quality information on your Social Media Suite.
  • We run social media training and social media policy development sessions for businesses, organizations and individuals
  • We specialize in resume enhancement, and create custom CVs and impressive linked-in suites for our clients - ensuring they get the job they deserve.
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