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Ruby Slipper specialise in digital strategy for businesses, organisations, and individuals - giving virtual life to identities and fostering communities for brands in the digital space. One of Melbourne's most experienced social media agencies, Ruby Slipper has been voicing brands in the changing social space since 2009.

Best understood as skilled writers with a keen understanding of social media development and audience relationship building, Ruby Slipper represents a wide variety of Australian businesses from diverse categories including real estate, finance, fashion, hospitality, and government.

Ruby Slipper are also commercial copywriters and digital collaboration partners across two popular Melbourne-centric blogs: Ruby Slipper and Hometruths Melbourne.


Digital polymath, Australian culture and commerce influencer, and Director of Ruby Slipper, Iolanthe Gabrie pairs rich ideas founded in classical education with brave guerrilla strategy to create inimitable content of depth, humour and interest. 

A sought-after brand collaborator and authority in Melbourne's digital strategy, commercial writing and blogging communities, Iolanthe specialises in building exceptional online voices and developing productive, engaged communities across social media platforms for businesses, individuals and organisations.

Iolanthe is an award-winning commercial blogger and popular digital identity with strong communities across her two digital publications: Ruby Slipper and Hometruths Melbourne

Regularly called upon to deliver keynote addresses on digital media and the commercial application of social media, Iolanthe is a tutor at RMIT and also facilitates popular courses including 'What to Expect When You're Expecting a Business' and 'Leader of the Pack'. She is also the curator of Serious Women's Business: Northside.

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Emma Edwards joined Ruby Slipper after moving to Melbourne from London. An accomplished lifestyle blogger, Emma has a flair for writing about all things fashion, beauty, property, lifestyle and fitness. 

Developing both social media and blog content at Ruby Slipper, Emma is always on the look-out for topical inspiration. She loves real estate, travel, cat-spotting, coffee drinking and soaking up the Australian lifestyle. If she’s not sipping a skinny flat white at the cat café, you’ll find her jogging along St Kilda beach listening to Smooth FM, tasting wine in the Yarra Valley or Skyping her Mum back home! 

Emma and Iolanthe love to chat all things food, so a typical day in the office consists of many lunch discussions and the occasional trip to the eateries of Brunswick East. 


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